GSA Contracts Offered By American Specialty

Providing Solutions For Efficiency & Accountability

American Specialty is a Registered Small Business providing Storage and Material Handling Solutions. We are Participating Dealers and Installers for several companies holding GSA Contracts. This brochure describes some of the products and services we provide under those contracts. We specialize in providing solutions that create Efficiency and Order, and assist Military and Civilian entities in providing Accountability in their inventories, processes and activities. So, whether you need to store parts, manuals, tools, weapons, documents, records, media, pharmaceuticals, drawings or anything else, we are here to be your resource. Please give us a call for a no obligation review of your storage challenge.

Megastar Systems
Megastar provides Vertical Carousels and Vertical Lift Modules that automate your storage and retrieval process. Software to assist in tracking inventory in and out of the storage devise is available to assure Accountability at all levels. The devises have locking doors and can be programmed to require a password in order to operate the devise. In addition, space savings is achieved by using the full height of the facility for storage. Using Megastar Vertical Equipment also speeds your processes by reducing “walk time” to rows of shelving or bins.  This highly versatile equipment can be used to store parts, tools, manuals, gear, documents or digital media. Contact American Specialty with your storage or accountability challenge.

FSC Group 36, Special Item No. 165 205
Contract Number GS-25F 0038M
Government Purchase Cards accepted

Aurora Shelving
When the best solution is high quality, economical shelving, Aurora Shelving is the answer. Aurorais well known in both government and corporate environments as a provider of top quality painted shelving for almost any application. 

FSC Group 736, Part IV, FSC Class 7460
Contract Number GS-25F-0084M
Government Purchase Cards accepted

Times-2 Speed Files
Picture two storage areas, back to back, that rotate. That’s how a Times Two Speed File works. The Times Two is the original and the best, and has evolved to include configurations to store just about anything. The locking feature assures confidentiality. These units are used in many Military and Civilian Government applications. You can’t go wrong with this tried and true product. Contact American Specialty for Contract Pricing.

FSC Group 36, Part IV, FSC Class 7460
Contract Number GS-25F-0084M
Government Purchase Cards accepted

Russ Basset
The Russ Bassett Company offers a unique storage solution for all sorts of media. Ideal for storing audio tapes, video tapes, data media or in mixed medial applications. These storage devises can be configured to provide a space efficient and secure storage solution.

FSC Group 74, Part IV, FSC Class 7460
Contract Number GS-25F-0019M

Aurora Mobile Storage Systems
When your shelves are full, and it appears that you just don’t have any space to add more shelves, Aurora Mobile Storage Systems provides the solution. By lifting your current shelving on to movable carriages on tracks, aisles are eliminated, providing you with more storage capacity. Transform your storage space into High Density Storage space with help from American Specialty.

FSC Group 36, Part IV, FSC Class 7460
Contract Number GS-25F-0084M
Government Purchase Cards accepted

Ulrich Planfiling Equipment Corporation
Solve one of the biggest storage problems, storing oversized documents and blue prints. Ulrich has a better solution than flat drawer storage. Ulrich’s Fileplan cabinet allows you to hand your oversized documents and blue prints, allowing you to access them easily and store or remove one plan, eliminating the need to remove a stack of plans to get the one you want. If you have oversized documents and blue prints, contact American Specialty to learn if Ulrich’s solution will work for you.

FSC Group 71, Part IV, FSC Class 7110
Contract Number GS-28F 0019K

Weapon/Evidence Storage Cabinets
Our new WEAPON/EVIDENCE storage cabinets were designed for storage of virtually any size rifle, handgun, shotgun or evidence. Each component is secured inside one of our ALL STEEL TAMBOUR DOOR Cabinets and can be configured the way you wish. Choose from SIX heights and SIX interior components to configure your custom enclosed storage for Weapons and/or Evidence.
Other Services from American Specialty
  • Storage Systems Repair and Maintenance
  • Relocation of Storage Systems
  • Repair and Maintenance of Vertical Carousel Equipment (All Makes)
  • Relocation of Vertical Carousel Equipment (All Makes)
  • Repair and Maintenance of Vertical Lift Modules (All Makes)
  • Relocation of Vertical Lift Modules (All Makes)
  • Space and Storage Planning Services

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