Vertical Carrousels
The MegaStation is an automated continuous shelving system employing the"goods to man" principle. The multipurpose carriers which are attached to continuous chains are moved to the access port under computer control. Integrated path optimization ensures short access times. All MegaStar vertical carousels are equipped with lockable doors and lighting as standard.

Using the "skyscraper" principle, the MegaStar vertical carousel covers the minimum amount of floor space, providing storage from the floor to the ceiling thus utilizing the entire height of the room.

Very short access times with various integration possibilities and a comprehensive stock administration system.

A range of configurations are available to suit customer requirements.

Visual access to your stock in seconds employing the rotating shelf principle.

Operator Friendly
Ergonomic design with smooth, controlled drive mechanisms.

Features & Benefits:

-- Increases Productivity - Items automatically retrieved via the shortest path reducing walk and search time.

-- Up to 75% Space Savings – High density system frees up valuable floor space.

-- Enhanced Ergonomics – Material is brought to the operator at a convenient height. Roll out drawers and work counter make reduce reach, lift and bending motions.

-- Reduces Shrinkage – Controlled access reduces stock shrinkage, improves inventory management.

-- Storage Flexibility - Modular multipurpose carriers allow for a variety of shelves and drawers to meet your needs.


Manufacturing, automotive, tooling storage, warehousing, e-commerce, distribution, retail, kitting, electronics, pharmaceutical, refrigerated and freezer storage, hospital/medical, filing, and much more.

Standard Specifications:
* Required Room Height = Machine Height + 1.18"
* Total Depth = Machine Depth + 11.81" (work table depth)
* Units can be placed directly back-to-back or side-by-side
* Maximum Imbalance Load: 4620 lb. (model dependent)
* All maintenance can be done from front access panel
* Electronics located in overhead control access panel for easy maintenance
* Colors: A variety of standard colors are available
* Transport Speed: All Models = .4 ft/s
* Drive:
Model 1000 - 1.8 KW 3 Phase-Brake-Motor
Model 1500 - 3 KW 3 Phase-Brake-Motor
Model 2000 - 5.5 KW 3 Phase-Brake-Motor
* MM235 Controller
* Backlit Alphanumeric LCD Display
* Membrane Keypad w/ large keys
* Manual override switches for emergency operation
* Controlled soft start and stop along with precise carrier positioning

Safety Features:
* Interrupt safety switches on service and access port doors
* Photocells 4, 6 or 8 pairs for operator safety and product protection
* Two emergency stop buttons
* Drive chain safety factor of 7:1
* Motor overload protection with thermosensors and switches

* MM255 Controller with computer interface
* Imbalance indicator
* Additional movable keyboard display that can be used simultaneously with the main controller
* Light bar to show picking position
* 7 Segment display to indicate product depth location

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