Color Coding


ColorBar® - The cornerstone product for Document Control Solutions and the first on demand color-coding label making software product is celebrating is 10th year anniversary.   This fully Window’s compliant product gives the power of label design and printing to the user.  Currently, the Epson 1520 printer offers the most flexibility in maximizing your label production by using low cost consumables while printing labels widths as great as 12 inches.  ColorBar is the only software product proven to be able to print on any approved Window’s color printer and on some models as high as 42 labels per minute.

ClickStrip® - ClickStrip™ software is a perfect way for small offices and clinics to enjoy the benefits of high density filing with minimal labor and cost.  The easy-to-use software prints all of your file information on a single label strip using your desktop color printer. The labels are quickly applied to folders in one easy step.

ClickFile® - New ColorBar® ClickFile™ Software prints color coded indexing, text, bar codes, graphics and full color images directly onto ColorBar® Printable Folders using your desktop color printer. Simply enter your folder information and click to print.

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