Rotary Files

Picture two files back-to-back that rotate so you don't have to move an inch. Two files in one equals "Times-2".

Speed Files
Stand in front of a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8-tier Times-2. Rotate the file and within three seconds another complete file is in front of you.

That's "Speed Filing". But that's just the beginning. Times-2 Speed Files have a lot more to offer, including tremendous space and cost savings…productivity is the result.

Outstanding versatility is another reason why Times-2 Speed Files are slowly but surely replacing other types of file cabinets. On this side of the Times-2 are shallow rollout drawers, shelves, a rollout reference shelf and a rollout drawer designed to hold hanging folders. With just a half turn, the unit presents another complete cabinet with security drawers plus more shelves and rollout drawers for color coded files. This is a level of versatility other file cabinets can’t match.

Turn a Times-2 into personal storage space with the Wardrobe Kit. Coats, purses, PDA’s, laptops, briefcases, and even your running shoes can be conveniently stored and secured in the locking Times-2.

There are Times-2 units for letter, legal, EDP and A4 sizes. Start as low as 3-tier and go all the up to 8-tier. Choose from an unlimited palette of paint finishes. There's a lot more to Times-2 so call 1-800-466-9561 for more information.

Times-2 Speed Files are designed to expand when your storage needs have reached capacity. Shown above is one starter unit with two add-on units. Additional add-on units can be attached at anytime.

Times-2 units can be built into an alcove, used as a room divider, configured back-to-back for maximum capacity or arranged with panel systems of any height. Times-2 can even be positioned through a wall or panel, and closed backs can be applied for high security areas.

Just six of our most popular size Times-2 units will store the equivalent of 20 lateral files in approximately half the floor space. Think what could be done with that extra space. The rotating design of Times-2 allows dual access to your documents from one or both sides. Other filing systems simply can't match the flexibility of Times-2.

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