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Control of information is critical to your business.

Today’s organizations must manage their information in an accountable manner, ensuring the reliability and trustworthiness of records. Smeadlink® Express recordkeeping software is an integrated document management system for managing your business records. Business decisions are made at every level of your organization. Make sure the right information is in the right hands. Smeadlink Express gives you complete control over all documents used throughout your organization, both paper and electronic. Easy enough to use in a single department, yet powerful enough to roll out to your entire organization, Smeadlink Express helps you manage your information wisely, securely and efficiently.

Smeadlink® - Only Smeadlink provides a single records management system that accommodates all forms of documents, including paper, and makes them accessible to users through one easy-to-use interface. Smeadlink's seamless integration of document types lets users find information quickly, often without even knowing what medium is used to store the document. Smeadlink software is a suite of individual modules with distinct functionalities, so you can choose the document types you need to manage now, while making sure you can accommodate the document types you are likely to manage in the future.

  • Improve efficiencies by Streamlining time-consuming manual processes
  • Improve access to information via online searching, retrieval and viewing
  • Improve security of sensitive business records
  • Ensure regulatory compliance through improved recordkeeping processes
  • Reduce legal and non-compliance risks
  • Reduce lost documents
  • Reduce records storage requirements and costs

ImageTrax® -  A departmental solution for managing a single record series and built to last using Microsoft Visual Basic with an Access database structure.  You will find this to be the most powerful improvement you can make to a business unit.  Proven in banking, medical, insurance, law enforcement and all file room applications, ImageTrax is easy and quick to configure.  It has a strong feature set, and in under an 30 minutes you can define up to 18 cross reference fields and bar code devices for any application.  The ImageTrax trait of a single “home-screen” plus a robust query-by-example design makes for an easy to use software product that can organize, inventory, and track any kind of document or item. 

FileTrail Software

Track Everything
Knowing what exists, and where to find it saves time and money. Track anything that moves. Adaptive Media Structure reflects your filing system and terminology. Select from our library of Icons, or use your own.

Audit Trails
Audit trails raise accountability and compliance with established policy and procedure. One-click access to Location History. One-click access to History of edits on a field.

Instant Location
Stop wasting time with physical searches and interrupting everyone with email broadcasts looking for an Item. No more lost Items. Speed locating and retrieval of Items. Refile Instructions tell staff where Items belong.

Automated Archiving
Save time and money with a superior alternative to an old way of doing business. Stop communicating with paper forms, faxes, and voice mails. An electronic interface automatically formats and transmits orders to your Records Center. Eliminate paper/transmittal request forms and the need to enter data a second time into your vendor’s order/transmittal system. Automatic alert to Items that needed to be Retrieved. Automatic alert to Items ready to return to the Archives. Manage retrievals and refiles at
box- and folder-level. Consolidate Orders and Transmittals to reduce costs.

Time Limits and Overdue Items
Proactively manage to prevent lost Items and the chaos they create. Set Due Back Date during Check Out. Email Overdue Notices to staff. Overdue Reminders appear at each login.

Integrating Systems with FTConnectTM
Eliminate data entry with powerful import tools. Schedule unattended imports for overnight operation. Load and synchronize data in virtual real-time. Produce labels automatically from imported data. Automate user login using AD/LDAP Authentication.

Color Coding
Single strip label reduces creation time by 60%. Color coding cuts filing and retrieval by 75%. Custom designs and colors match your existing system. Print color coded labels on-demand. Automatically print from data imported overnight.

Bar Coding
Fast and accurate tracking of Items. Streamline manual process. Custom label designer included.

Portable Scanning with FTMobileTM
Scan Item location for delivery. Physical Audit and Discrepancy Reporting. Read RFID Tags or scan Bar Codes. Audible alert when Missing Items are found. One-Touch synchronization with your database.


FileTrail is the fastest and easiest Records Tracking and Management solution to deploy, whether your organization is small or large. Our 100% PureWeb technology allows install-once deployment to any or all employees after a one-time installation on your server.
FileTrail provides a quick return on investment through streamlining processes, reducing labor requirements, improving services to internal and external clients and giving all staff access to efficiency tools. FileTrail customers often report a positive return after three months of operation—far more quickly than the one- or two-year return for conventional tracking systems.
In a market where many projects fail to reach their potential because employee’s fail to embrace and use them, FileTrail’s web interface is so easy to use (think Amazon or ebay) and provides such easily identifiable benefits that user adoption is quick and painless. In addition, new hires learn quickly, with little training—a critical success factor in highturnover positions.
With FileTrail, you don’t need to change sound practices to work around software or balance your business requirements against exorbitant customization fees. Powerful configuration tools ensures that you can easily customize FileTrail to fit your unique business requirements— now and as your business continues to evolve.

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